The Environment

The Environment and Sustainable Development

The environment and sustainable development form the core of the strategy of Mustavaaran Kaivos Oy. Our company's success is dependent on caring for the environment, being socially responsible and maintaining efficient operations. We aim to minimise the effects that mining has on the environment.


Our company appreciates the environment. We collaborate with nearby villages and other interest groups on environmental issues. We also regularly report on environmental impact. Our priority is to be one of the leading environmentally conscious mining companies and to continuously develop our eco-friendly operations.



We aim to minimise the effects that mining has on the environment and maximise the recovery of the valuable metals in the ore. Simply, it means more output and less waste. 


Mustavaaran Kaivos Oy participates in the Green Mining programme organized by Tekes (the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation). The main goal of the programme is to make Finland the global pioneer in eco-efficient mineral technology by 2020.



                                                  Green Mining Programme 2011-2016


One of the Green Mining projects of Mustavaaran Kaivos Oy was the concentrating test work carried out at the pilot plant of the Geological Survey of Finland in spring 2012. Tekes also supported the pilot-scale smelting tests conducted by Swerea MEFOS in autumn 2012.


ELY-keskus (Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment) is also providing financial support to Mustavaaran Kaivos Oy in business development activities aimed at bringing the Mustavaara mine back into production.


EIA procedure for the smelter completed

Mustavaaran Kaivos Oy has submitted the EIA program for the smelter to the Finnish authority (Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment) in December 2012. Environmental Impact Assessment aims to integrate environmental considerations into the preparation of projects, plans and programs in the early stage of planning. Consultation of stakeholders and public participation is an integral part of the assessment.


The authority published the smelter EIA program in mid-January 2013 and collected statements from interested parties. The authority gave their statement on the EIA program in April 2013. Based on the EIA program and the authority statement Mustavaaran Kaivos Oy prepared an EIA report and submitted it to the authorities in June 2016. The EIA process was completed when the regional environment authority issued its official statement on the EIA report in December 2016. The environmental permit application is under preparation.


Environmental permit granted for the mine and concentrating plant

The Regional State Administrative Agency has granted the Environmental permit for the mine and concentrating plant in March 2016. The documentation is available through the Agency's online services (in Finnish only).


Schedule of the environmental permitting