Mustavaaran Kaivos recognizes that socially acceptable and environmentally friendly practices as well as accountability of all actions are preconditions for economic success.

New approach to producing metals and mineral products

Metals are produced globally by mining and from recycled materials. Both ways are needed. Recycling is material-efficient as it preserves the natural resources by replacing virgin raw materials.

Mustavaaran Kaivos is planning to start vanadium production by processing vanadium containing slag from SSAB’s steel plants in Finland and Sweden. At a later stage the company aims to re-establish open pit mining of the Mustavaara ore deposit in northeastern Finland and build an on-site plant for the production of a concentrate.  

Public hearing in Raahe, August 30th 2016

Recycled raw material will be used effectively

The plant to be built at the port of Raahe will be using steel industry slag as raw material. In the planned process vanadium and iron are extracted, leaving a slag which can be used in the construction and cement industries. The new innovative and cost-effective process solution will be contributing to a circular economy.

Permitting and land use

Raahe plant

Land use planning

Land use plan of the Raahe harbour area has been approved and is effective as of June 2017. The land use planning documentation is available through the website of the town of Raahe (in Finnish only).

Environmental Impact Assessment

The Environmental Impact Assessment process of the Raahe plant has been completed and the estimated impacts on land use, air quality, water and traffic are included in the Environmental Impact Statement. The authority (Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment) has published the statement in their online services (in Finnish only). The environmental permit application for the plant is under preparation.

Mustavaara mine

Land use planning

Land use plan of the Mustavaara deposit area in northeastern Finland has been approved in 2015. The land use planning documentation is available through the Taivalkoski municipality portal (in Finnish only).

Environmental permit

The Regional State Administrative Agency has granted the Environmental permit for the mine and concentrating plant in March 2016. The documentation is available through the Agency's online services (in Finnish only).